“The magnificent Castle Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde, same league as the Loire castles.”

Castle Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde

“ My ancestors considered the estate of Bornem as a historical monument, a valuable heritage entrusted to them with the duty to keep it intact, enrich it with a personal contribution and pass it on to posterity.

May this family tradition be respected for this unique Belgian patrimony to survive. ”

Count John de Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde, 14th count of Bornem

  • |History

    “a permanent exhibition on Philippe de Marnix...”

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  • |The castle

    “unique area of greenery often described by the poet Emile Verhaeren.”

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  • |The museum

    “an excellent insight in life at a castle in the old days...”

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  • |Information

    “follow direction Sint-Niklaas, pass Bornem South, take centrum...”

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  • |Contact

    Kasteelstraat 34 - 2880 Bornem
    Tel. 0032 3 889 90 09

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